High quality cost effective ONSITE engineering consultancy

KB Tech Consultancy is dedicated to serve its client in the engineering field of Aerospace Automotive and IT. KBTC UK has been providing a high quality cost effective ONSITE engineering consultancy service in the specialized field of computer aided engineering and design analysis for Automotive, Aerospace (airframe and aero engines). We intend to consistently meet and exceed the customer expectation each time by evaluating our quality of service.

Why choose Us?

We are committed to delivering project excellence. We value our clients and work to be flexible and responsive to their needs to produce superior results. Our clients overwhelmingly appreciate the high quality work we produce.

Why choose Us?

To provide highest quality of IT services and technology services where in it adds values to customer business Return On Investment (ROI) of customer.

Why choose Us?

We recruit the right candidate with right skills and attitude towards the work to facilitate our clients. We believe our employee and their knowledge is our strength.Their commitment and dedication to the work is the base of our success.


IT Services

We understand your business and are always ready to assist with rapid response and valuable knowledge. The solutions we provide are delivered with a refreshingly human touch.

Technology Services

Our employees have years of onshore and offshore experiences in delivering engineering services to aero structures, design and stress analysis. We served all our clients with the highest quality.